For ladies & gentlemen 100% bespoke jeans

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is a struggle for so many men and women. You can spend hours trying on different brands, cuts and styles but there is never something quite right.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the perfect fitting jeans first time, every time? Jeans so comfortable you never want to take them off? Jeans cut so smart they look great whether paired with a tee shirt or sweater, amazing when worn with a smart blazer or jacket?

proudly collaborating with bluedelta jeans, usa

Every season the amazing collection of denim fabrics is enhanced as the BD Team continuously work to improve the collection giving our clients unparalleled choice in terms of weights & colours.

Whether you want us to clone an existing favourite jean, or create your own unique jean from scratch, you can be assured of the best fit available anywhere. An initial fitting with Roberto involves the taking of over a dozen measurements to create your individual pattern from which your bespoke jeans are then created by the BD team.

exceptional bespoke jeans from just £499

We are proud to say that almost every pair of bespoke jeans we have produced together has fitted the client first time – clients fall in love with them and repeat order very quickly.

So don’t delay, book a fitting now and from just £499 (for Ladies and Gentlemen) we can help you discover the best fitting pair of jeans you’ll ever experience!

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