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At Roberto Revilla London, we’re proud to have been serving the tailoring needs of London’s busiest and most discerning gentlemen for over a decade.

Our aim is simple: to provide you with an exceptional and highly personal custom tailor experience, coupled with the very best customer service; it’s the number one reason our customers keep recommending and coming back to us.

three suit gradings affordable luxury

The 100% Bespoke Suit

This is our premium offering - for those that fully appreciate the art of fine tailoring! The garment is meticulously hand-sewn all the way through to achieve superior fit & comfort. A full floating canvas gives longer term integrity to the bespoke suit. All buttonholes are carefully hand sewn; the lapel buttonhole alone taking around an hour to complete.

The Part-Handmade Suit

This option is based on our bespoke construction with machine-stitched work through certain areas of the coat and trousers and all the finishing touches done by hand for a softer, lighter feel, particularly through the shoulders and chest.

The Machine-Stitched Suit

Our Savile Row-inspired suit is custom made and machine stitched to remove some of the associated labour costs. A full range of styling and lining options are provided, just as you’d expect with a fully bespoke tailored suit. This a popular “big next step upgrade” from ready made suits.

Our suit tailoring service also extends to formal wear, weddings, casual, tweed & shooting, overcoats, and bespoke shirts. The consensus among our regular clientele is that our bespoke shirts are simply addictive! Using cottons from the best mills in Italy, all our shirts are completely custom made.

We’ll also help you complete the look with a variety of accessories, and can even offer a full wardrobe service from the comfort of your own home.

introducing roberto the man behind the style

I was born in 1977 in South London and have been around family businesses from as young as I can remember. My grandfather owned a restaurant and two carpet stores in central London. When he died in 1984 my father became a salesman for what eventually became Carpetright, before starting his own company in 1988. This meant most of my childhood when not in school was spent working, and while I didn’t realise it at the time, it instilled in me the extremely hard work ethic my clients know me for to this day!

As an unusually fast-growing child my mum and dad couldn’t afford to keep replacing my clothes when I grew out of them, so I was forced to sometimes wear my dad’s old clothes to school. Now, wearing 70’s clothes (flares) in the 80’s (drainpipes) made me an easy target for getting picked on in school so I had to start being creative with the garments I had at my disposal! So what started out as a necessity – and almost survival – became a passion.

I excelled in most subjects at school including Art & Design. At 17 I decided I didn’t want to join the family business, so I tried to get a part-time job in fashion retail while I studied at college, but no luck. My first sales job was in a national electrical store and I became one of the top sellers. Naturally most of my money went on clothes!

My parents were pushing me to get a “proper” job and qualification so I tried a work placement/accountancy course with Ford Motors at the age of 19 (while still working at the electrical store), but decided after 6 months that it wasn’t for me and I tried to get back into fashion again. Yet again I failed, managing instead to get a direct-sales job at an IT company in North West London. I spent 4 years there, making a big impact with my sales and my three-piece suits, before finally getting an opportunity with an international custom clothing company in London’s West End.

After working my way up the ladder over 7 years and building a fantastic clientele, I left to work with some former colleagues/friends who had started their own boutique tailoring shop in the City of London. I had a great time and we were very successful together, but after 2 years I was being pushed by many of my clients (and my wife Carolina!) to start my own company.

The timing felt right and I was the exact same age as my father when he started his own business; so in September 2011, Roberto Revilla London was born!

From standing start to quick success, we delivered over 1,000 garments in our first year, and to this day continue to operate a family run service that sets a new standard for exceptional, bespoke London tailoring.

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