lightweight & stylish bespoke outwear

Too often ready made topcoats and raincoats are baggy, lifeless, un-flattering things that look like they’ve just been thrown at you. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to invest in custom outerwear. Perhaps a lightweight raincoat to keep you dry through those spring showers, or a top coat to keep you warm in winter while looking super smart en route to your next meeting?

Roberto Revilla London can design and create outerwear that looks and feels every bit as good as your bespoke suits and shirts do.

cold weather protection heaven Bespoke overcoats

A bespoke overcoat from Roberto Revilla London is a long-term investment you will never regret.

The principle purpose of the topcoat (or overcoat) should be to protect the wearer from the cold (obviously) and protect the clothes underneath from damage caused by snow, wind or an unexpected rain shower.

You might require a more formal topcoat to ensure you maintain a professional, impactful appearance while travelling, or something a little more casual such as a pea coat or field coat. Whichever, we can carry through to your coat that amazing feeling you have when wearing our tailored suits and shirts.

From cashmere, to wool and even tweed, we work with the top mills in the world including Zegna, Dormeuil and Vitale Barberis to provide a wide range of options when it comes to creating your own personal piece of cold weather protection heaven.

classic yet sophisticated bespoke raincoats

Frustrated with the mismatch between high price and not-so-high quality of designer brands, Roberto and his team developed a classic yet sophisticated take on the classic raincoat which has gone down a storm with his existing clientele.

Using the latest in sophisticated water repellent fabrics from the world’s greatest mills, there is a wide range of colours which, when combined with the right lining, help make your Roberto Revilla London raincoat as unique as you. Cut in such a way that they look amazing over a suit, but equally stylish if worn with your bespoke jeans and a sweater on a rainy weekend!

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