29 March 2015

Apple Watch: 10 Things You Need To Know

by Roberto Revilla

So the Apple Watch (note it's NOT called the iWatch) is almost here - and you'll finally be able to see Apple's take on the smart watch on April 10th when Apple opens it's Apple Watch store in Selfridges.

Will I be getting one? Inevitably yes, although I keep telling myself I can't find a compelling enough reason to. Although being able to read notifications on my wrist when I'm racing around town to clients on the Revilla London motorbike would be really handy...there got my compelling reason much to Mrs. Revilla's dismay.

Anyway, there are still 4 weeks for you to make your mind up and here are the 10 things you need to know: -

1. Apple Watch will start at £299 for the Sport version going up to some £13,500 for the 18 karat gold Edition (or Douchebag Detector as actress Anna Kendrick so accurately described it).

2. Each of the three versions will have two face sizes - 38mm and 42mm. There will be some 38 different design combinations in total meaning you can make your Apple Watch pretty personal. Oh and the retina quality display allows for around 2 million watch face styles so you should find something you like!

3. It requires a bluetooth tether to an iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 in order to receive notifications, SMS, email and use any GPS or location specific features.

4. 8GB of storage in total with 2GB reserved for music - enough for a work out, long run or bike ride enabling you to leave your iPhone at home though you will lose out on any tracking features.

5. The pressure-sensitive displays have a premium feel, with sapphire crystal glass protecting the front and back on the Watch and Edition versions, Ion-X glass for protection on the Sport.

6. It is water resistant - but not water PROOF. So it should be fine in the gym, getting splashed or in the rain, but don't go submerging it. However the leather straps are not water resistant in any way shape or form so worth considering depending what you want to use it for.

7. The green led sensors at the back of Apple Watch monitor your heart rate and provide different levels of haptic feedback (i.e. vibration) for different features or notifications.

8. The digital crown acts as a sort of home button and provides scrolling functions.

9. Apple Watch utilises Near Field Communication technology meaning as apps developed it could be used to open doors, pay for goods and services or help you board a plane.

10. Battery life is around 18 hours - Apple say this is enough for a full day of use but it does mean for most that, like your iPhone, you will need to charge every single day.

Oh, it does tell the time too, I'll tell you that for free! I will be pre-ordering and once I've had a chance to road test for a week or so I will be back to deliver my verdict!