26 January 2014

Bespoke Suit for the Wedding of Matt Harris & Lucy Hitchenor

by Roberto Revilla

It was a real pleasure to work with Matt Harris recently, when I was recommended to him by a long-standing client of mine, Mino Themistocli.

Matt was getting married to his gorgeous fiancée, Lucy Hitchenor, on January 18th 2014 at the beautiful Rowton Castle Hotel in Shropshire. Standing at about 6'5" tall, broad shouldered and lean, Matt is built for tailoring - with a very specific idea in mind we got together in November to work out what he wanted to achieve.

The thing I love about Matt is his warm, good-natured and outgoing personality which is just infectious - through the whole fitting process we had so much fun and he was just an absolute joy to work with. A purple three-piece was on his mind and once we found the right fabric and shade (I lovely merino wool with a touch of silk for texture) we then focused on the small details, such as smoke mother of pearl buttons on the suit and shirt to match, deep purple velvet collar and pocket jets, and purple stitching in the shirt buttons and buttonholes.

The finished suit overall look fantastic and really matched Matt's personality - now I can't wait to see the official wedding pictures! Meantime here are some highlights from the final fitting and Matt & Lucy's big day.