20 April 2016


by Carolina Revilla

A perfectly tailored suit ought to be a piece of everyone's wardrobe, regardless of whether you are a man or woman. A lot of organizations want their employees to dress with respect to a particular dress code, usually a type of business suit. A valid reason why businesses prefer their workers to adhere to a more formal dress code is the representatives of the company are exactly that: representatives of the company! And most business want to appear to be at the very least competent and confident.

Having at least one tailored suit is important as tailoring corrects many of the problems associated with off-the-peg clothing: you achieve perfect fit, fabrics are usually much better quality and a good bespoke tailor will do everything possible to put you in your best light through the magic of tailoring specifically for your shape.

With regards to formal wear, it does differ for both men and women. A business suit for a man ordinarily comprises of a dress shirt, a jacket, and matching trousers. While there are a wide range of ways a man can go when selecting a business suit, a dress shirt, trouser and a jacket is the obvious basic foundation. Typical colours for formal dress include navy blue, black, medium or dark grey.

It used to be that black was not acceptable for a business suit since it was considered excessively formal, however black can be used especially if there is some interest in the fabric – for example a herringbone or stripe pattern. One thing to dependably remember is to not go over the top while picking an appropriate suit, which means you ought not to get a totally odd coloured suit.

Formal dress for a woman shifts somewhat from that of a man, being made out of a jacket, matching trouser or a skirt if preferred, and then a blouse. While one can't escape with a considerable measure of un-traditional colors, women usually have a greater arsenal of colors that can be worn.

Getting the suit is important, yet the points of interest and accessories that come along with the suit are similarly as critical. Take for instance, the dress shirt, which regardless of the season ought to be buttoned up and long sleeved. The shirt on a lady's matching business suit can regularly be just about anything so far as the professionalism is kept intact. In today's cutting edge society, ties are typically not required of workers, but rather a tie will likewise include more of a professional touch to your clothing.

Men ought to wear either oxford style shoes or leather slip on shoes, with dark, mid-calf socks. The belt ought to match the colour of your shoes. Women can wear pretty much any kind of shoe, however it is important to remember the professional look; the imperative thing is that you ought to have the capacity to walk comfortably in said shoes.

In the event that everything specified above is thought about, then you won’t just have a great business suit, you will likewise look potentially a greater degree more professional.

A formal tailored suit can help put you at an advantage for whichever business you are in right now and in the event that you buckle down sufficiently, it might simply help get you a promotion in light of the fact that your superiors will see how serious you take your job – from your personal presentation through to the quality work and effort you put in.

So what are you waiting for? Now you should simply go out and get yourself that impeccably tailored business suit!

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