29 October 2015

How To Dress Like James Bond: The Suits Of SPECTRE

by Carolina Revilla

So there I was on Monday night halfway through the first showing of SPECTRE at my local IMAX when I realised my brain was more focused on the clothes than the plot line. Not that there was much of one (the plot line that is)... more on that later, I am currently torn between posting my review and not, since I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen the film yet.

Meantime for all you gents dreaming of stepping into Daniel Craig's shoes (let's face it, he has been brilliant but one more stint and he is in danger of being in Roger Moore territory as he is looking far more weathered than he did in Skyfall), here are the main outfits from the film with fabric swatch close ups below for the suits: -


The first coat 007 wears in the film is the same in style as the Skyfall version but in charcoal grey this time and with a deep charcoal/black velvet collar. The second coat he wears during the initial scenes in Italy is a double breasted Italian deep black peak lapel coat with half belt at the back.

1. Blue Prince of Wales check with blue windowpane, 2 button single breasted notch lapel, centre vent, slant pockets, and I noticed the trousers have turn ups! This is worn during the opening sequence in Mexico City.
2. Back in London in Q's workshop, Bond switches to a grey narrow pinstripe, single breasted notch lapel, straight pockets and centre vent.
3. In Italy he seduces Monica Bellucci while wearing a black shadow stripe three piece suit, with peak lapels, straight pockets and centre vent, worn with white shirt and black tie.
4. In the final third whilst at the bad guy's lair, he is wearing a plain black single breasted notch lapel suit, styled with straight pockets and centre vent.
5. Just before he gets to said bad guy's lair he is in an olive/earth tone/brown linen suit, this is a 2 button single breasted number, again with notch lapels and a centre vent.

The dinner suit this time is a white dinner jacket with black trousers, worn in the train sequence when he flirts with Lea Seydoux and subsequently gets his ass handed to him by the intimidating David Bautista.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the keys to your Aston Martin and get down to the workroom where I will pretend I am Q and though we can't make any of the fancy gadgets, I'll at least have you feeling like you have a Licence To Kill.

SPECTRE is out on release in cinemas nationwide now.