16 September 2018

How To Iron Your Shirt In Under 2 Minutes

by Roberto Revilla

I'm frequently getting asked by my clients to give a quick run through of how to launder and iron shirts. There are decades old methods of course, but I'm going to share exactly how I do it... definitely not the perfect method but it gets the job done and most importantly saves a lot of time and hassle. With everything it takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it you should be able to have a shirt pressed in well under two minutes.

Ensure shirts are washed at no more than 30 degrees, at a maximum 800 spin. When done take them out the washing machine and place on a hangar, do all the buttons up. As they dry this will stop them from creasing unnecessarily.

Equipment is important - I use a Leifheit Airflo Ironing Board and a Philips Azure Performance Plus steam iron. The Airflo takes and circulates the heat and steam from the iron attacking both sides of the shirt as you press; the iron itself has a shot of steam button that makes it as effective as a dry cleaner's heavy press.

1. Collar
Iron out the underside of the collar, DO NOT USE STEAM. Iron out from the centre to the edges. There is no need to fold the collar over and iron along the crease. This method will preserve the life of your collar and stop it bubbling up or fraying at the edges.

2. Left Side
With the armhole stretched over the narrow point of the board, use your steam shot and iron out the front left shirt panel.

3. Back
Hook the yoke of the shirt (the panel under the collar) into the ironing board point and press the back, again using your steam shot to help. Shift it along to finish.

4. Right Panel
Now the right (button) panel. Lay this with the buttons facing DOWN. Then press the panel again using your steam shot. Iron over the back of the button panel - wow, no manoeuvring the iron in between. the buttons or accidentally cracking them!

5. Sleeves
I go right sleeve and then left sleeve. Carefully stretch out the sleeve to form the shape, place the heel of the iron toward the cuff (but take care not to touch the button on the sleeve placket) and then press up toward the armhole till it looks like my sleeve in the photo above. With Roberto Revilla London shirts I never bother with the cuffs as they're so well constructed they don't need any help.

6. Hang
Put your freshly ironed shirt on to a wooden hangar and do the buttons up. That's it, you're done! I manage to do this in 1 minute and 49 seconds, meaning I can get a Monday to Friday of shirts done in under 10 minutes. Hardly a big chunk out of my weekend and I do a much better job than any dry cleaner, or cleaner for that matter!

That seem really easy? Great, my work is done. But if there is anything you're not sure of don't hesitate to ask! To say thank you for taking time to read my little how-to, claim a handsome discount off shirt orders this month with a 7th shirt free when you purchase 6. Simply mention this article when you book an appointment. Meantime, happy (and speedy) ironing!

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