16 September 2018

How To Ensure Bespoke Shirts Don’t Crease When Travelling

by Roberto Revilla

This question was sent in from Mikey Vallance, MD & Head of Transaction Banking at Santander.

So many “experts” have their own opinions on how to fold your bespoke shirt for travel. Here is my take on how to ensure your lovely bespoke tailored shirts don’t come out of your luggage looking like they’ve been sat on by an elephant.

1. Long Distance Travel (or transporting in a suit carrier)
This is slightly easier. If I’m transporting in a suit carrier I make sure the shirts are on their hangers (or on the hanger of the suit if just taking one or two), close up the suit carrier and fold it for carrying as normal. If packing into a large suitcase for a long haul trip, the suit carrier folded is the last thing you lay inside before you close the lid. Everything should come out the other end relatively unscathed, though you might need a little go over with an iron.

2. Short Distance (or transporting shirts in carry on luggage)
The age-old argument of folding versus rolling comes in here – for short distance trips most of us want to just take carry-on luggage. So in this case I would wear my tailored suit and if I need to carry an extra bespoke shirt or two for the trip put those inside the carry-on bag.

Now when I’m away for even just one night I personally carry more than I should – a work outfit with spare shirt, fresh underwear and socks, gym kit and a change of clothes for whatever I’m doing in the evening plus travelling back depending on the schedule. So, rolling works better for me than folding as rolling clothes up saves more space. Therefore I can take more stuff with me!

Also rolling a shirt avoids putting hard creases that happen when you fold. See in the picture below the shirt on the left has been rolled and the one on the right has been folded. I know which one I would feel more comfortable putting on and walking out the door in!

So, to summarise an answer to Mikey’s original question, if transporting in a carrier you don’t really need to worry so much, but if packing shirts into smaller luggage, rolling gets you the best result in terms of crease resistance.

Follow the picture guide for the best method to roll a shirt:

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