26 July 2013


by Roberto Revilla

With (hopefully) spring and warmer weather approaching, it would be easy for me to talk about lighter weight suits - but the aspect of the wardrobe I have been talking about more often of late has been the smart/business casual side.

When it heats up men tend to get a little more tardy than usual, the suit jacket disappears and we see a lot of gents walking around the city in a pair of baggy chinos and oversized shirt with the sleeves rolled up and more buttons undone than Stavros.
A great look for business or when you want to impress? Of course not!
The solution is simple – our new de-constructed style casual jacket in a cool cotton or linen, the shoulder padding and interlinings have all been removed to make the garment as light and comfortable to wear as possible. Look at our feature image – is that not a better summer business look?
Some of our clients have already gotten ahead of the curve with this one, as we already have a few in sewing already! This is a versatile piece to add to your collection since it can be dressed up, or used for weekend casual and even on trips abroad – pair with smart jeans, cotton trousers, cords, or even shorts…
We have an exclusive range of reversible fabrics too so you can still have some contrast on the inside of the coat should you desire!