21 July 2019

by Roberto Revilla

British comedian, actor and writer Tez Ilyas has his own TV show! The Tez O'Clock show starts on Thursday 25th July, 11pm on Channel 4.

Tez will be joined by fellow comics Sophie Willan, Adam Rowe, Gus Khan and Sindhu Eve for a "topical mix of sketches and studio antics, including provocative monologues and celebrity interviews".

The show is due to be filmed at Manchester's MediaCityUK each week, in front of a live studio audience. The Tez O'Clock show is produced by Expectation Entertainment.

Tez Ilyas Suit The Tez O'Clock Show
16 September 2018

by Roberto Revilla

I'm frequently getting asked by my clients to give a quick run through of how to launder and iron shirts. There are decades old methods of course, but I'm going to share exactly how I do it... definitely not the perfect method but it gets the job done and most importantly saves a lot of time and hassle. With everything it takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it you should be able to have a shirt pressed in well under two minutes.

How to iron a shirt - the collar
How to iron a shirt - the left panel
How to iron a shirt - the back
How to iron a shirt - the right panel
How to iron a shirt - the sleeves
How to iron a shirt - hanging your shirt
27 August 2015

by Roberto Revilla

We have our first glimpse of the new style topcoats in SPECTRE! Skyfall saw a very popular take on the classic single breasted topcoat, with Bond wearing a navy, three-button number cut to just above knee-length.

I caught a fleeting glimpse of the same in SPECTRE but with a covered button front.

Then there this new double breasted number in the new film - black, cut to below knee-length.

07 July 2015

by Carolina Revilla

Journalist Andrew Lowry interviews Roberto Revilla as part this month's "How To Live Faster" section in ShortList Magazine, the ultimate guide to trimming the fat of your day-to-day life!

Roberto tells ShortList Magazine readers how to compile a fuss-free wardrobe in this action packed issue out on July 2nd.

“It’s all about preparation – you can’t just grab and run. Grey, navy and burgundy trousers will go with any kind of shirt, and if you want a light jacket go for light blue, white or light grey, as it will go with most types of dark shirt.