18 October 2017

by Carolina Revilla

I had a fantastic question sent to me by my dear friend and client, Shamus Rae (Head of Innovation & Investments at KPMG) to kick start a new series of "Ask Roberto". We think the best articles are the ones that answer questions you - our fabulous clients - need answered! So here we go with today's question:

"How do you look cool in Shoreditch Silicon Roundabout in the morning and the City in the afternoon?"

30 January 2017

by Roberto Revilla

A smart casual dress code opens up a huge variety of options. It also causes a lot of concern and confusion for many men - the majority of us know how to dress down (jeans and tee shirt), or dress up (suit, shirt and tie)... but that bit in between is a like the Bermuda Triangle for many who just don't know where to start.