16 September 2018

by Roberto Revilla

This question was sent in from Mikey Vallance, MD & Head of Transaction Banking at Santander.

So many “experts” have their own opinions on how to fold your bespoke shirt for travel. Here is my take on how to ensure your lovely bespoke tailored shirts don’t come out of your luggage looking like they’ve been sat on by an elephant.

Rolled or folded?  You get less wrinkling with a rolled shirt!
How to roll the bespoke shirt
How to Fold Your Bespoke Shirt for Travel
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Folding bespoke shirts when travelling
How to fold a shirt for travel
How to fold shirts for packing
Packing shirts to avoid wrinkles
How to fold your bespoke business shirt
18 October 2017

by Carolina Revilla

I had a fantastic question sent to me by my dear friend and client, Shamus Rae (Head of Innovation & Investments at KPMG) to kick start a new series of "Ask Roberto". We think the best articles are the ones that answer questions you - our fabulous clients - need answered! So here we go with today's question:

"How do you look cool in Shoreditch Silicon Roundabout in the morning and the City in the afternoon?"