03 July 2013


by Roberto Revilla

When I first started in this business my first boss gave me a hard time for walking into the office wearing a tie clip. Yes, I said this business as in fashion! The problem with that place was that, although they are still today one of the biggest custom suit makers in the world, only a percentage of employees are actually “fashion-aware”.

The rest, like my dear old boss, just looked like their customers… accountants, lawyers etc.

Anyway I am getting off point. I love tie clips as much as I love other accessories such as cufflinks, lapel pins and pocket squares.

Take the one in this pic of one of my favourite outfits: the Tateossian rhodium plated gear clip… It always gets comments when I’m out and about, the little gears are free moving and rotate, it’s a quirky little thing!

But perhaps most importantly? It keeps my darn tie in place at all times!