10 September 2013

Time for Tweed

by Roberto Revilla

I can’t believe it’s been two months since my last update…tsk tsk and slapped wrists. A thousand apologies.

To tell you the truth, aside from the usual excuse of being extremely busy with my tailoring business, I was enjoying our fantastic but brief British Summer.

I traded in my Vespa GT 125 for a Piaggio LT500 Touring Sport and rode around glorious London as much as possible, my linen blend Roberto Revilla Bespoke shirts, jackets and trousers got plenty of use!

But just this week, it suddenly ended. It’s been noticeably colder in the mornings…we might be anything from one to three weeks away from a big temperature drop but my trusty tweed jackets and waistcoats are out and ready for action. And tweed being tweed…they look as immaculate as the first day I finished, pressed and checked them after they came through sewing.

I’m ready for winter…are you?