22 December 2018

What Suit Size Am I?

by Carolina Revilla

The question of what suit size you are is one that many gents get wrong. As a bespoke tailor many of our first time customers have been buying off the peg suits for years, often in the wrong size (usually men buy a size bigger than they actually are).

To determine your suit size you need to be prepared to go through a process of trying a lot of different suits on. And I mean A LOT. Different brands and designers will size differently… leading to the following common ready made fit problems:

1. You might try a jacket that fits perfectly across the shoulders but is then too baggy through the chest and stomach area.

2. A jacket could fit you perfectly in the chest and stomach but be a struggle to get your shoulders into.

3. Trousers could be a struggle to get your legs into… so you try a size up but then they become too big on the waist.

Going to a department store such as Fenwicks or Selfridges in the UK is not a bad idea as you’ll usually have a large number of different suit designers on hand to try – but you need time, lots of patience and a good shop assistant who understands sizing. Three things that can be hard to come by!

I hear a collective groan from gents reading this and just shuddering at the thought of spending any length of time in a department store changing room… this is the beauty of going to a tailor and having your suits made. Once your first suit has been made and is exactly the way you want it in terms of style and fit, your tailor will ALWAYS have the correct size of suit for you, taking out humongous amounts of time, hassle and stress!

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How do I know what suit size I am?