FREE consultation

The consultation is the first part of the process of making your bespoke suit. You can book it by requesting an appointment here.

During this consultation, which will take place either over the telephone or via email, we will talk about the look you would like to achieve and discuss your budget.

This consultation is the best way for us to understand your needs, likes and dislikes prior to starting the tailoring process.

Roberto measuring up a new suit
New bespoke suit ready to go
Roberto Revilla - made to measure suit bag

How it works

Many of our clients have never had bespoke clothes made for them before, others may already be using a tailor. Here are the steps we undertake to make you the perfect bespoke suit. This is what happens following your pre-consultation with us.

The First Fitting
During the first fitting of your bespoke suit we will take measurements and discuss style and fabrics. This part of the process takes place at our workshop in London's West End, one of our fabric showrooms, or if it more convenient we can come to you. Therefore it is not unusual for the first fitting to take place at your home, your workplace or your hotel (depending on location).

Creating Your Clothes
In the 5 to 8 weeks following the first fitting, Roberto will create your custom pattern and we will use this to cut your selected cloths. Our workroom team will set about assembling your clothes according to Roberto's instructions.

The Second Fitting
After your bespoke suit has been assembled, a second fitting will take place. During this part of the process we will help you try your part-finished clothes on for comfort and fit as well as mark down any adjustments necessary. If adjustments need to be made, further fittings will take place and you should then receive your suit within the next 7 to 10 working days.

Customer Satisfaction
Once you have had your bespoke suit for 2 weeks, either Roberto, Carolina or a member of our team will be in touch to make sure you are satisfied. If you are happy, we save your pattern in our workshop, but if further alterations are needed, we will arrange for those to be made for you.

Our bespoke suits

A Roberto Revilla London bespoke suit is completely hand-sewn with great care in order to achieve optimal fit and comfort.

Hand sewing the critical seams on the suit provides greater breathability so the garment moves with you, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident at all times.

In fact many clients tell us they can wear the trousers and jacket effortlessly all day long as they feel like a second skin.

What’s more we use a full canvas in order to prolong the integrity of your bespoke suit and protect against the elements as well as hazards linked to dry cleaning.

So don't hesitate : request an appointment with us today for a free consultation.