London Tailored Suit Collection by Roberto Revilla

This is a Savile Row-inspired suit that is fully bespoke and machine stitched to remove some of the associated labour costs of our hand made collections.

If you’ve been buying good quality ready made bespoke suits or had some made-to-measure tailoring, you will really feel a massive step up not just in the way you look, but the way you feel with our London construction tailored suits.

I’ll work with you to identify what you like about the fit of your current suits, work out what is not working and make sure we put it right.

With two-piece suits starting from just £999, I give customers a full range of styling and lining options, just as you might expect with a full tailored suit.
So why not request an appointment and start the process of getting a new suit.

Roberto Revilla
bespoke tailor
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