Milan Tailored Suit Collection by Roberto Revilla

As per my London collection but the bespoke suit is part hand sewn for softer, lighter feel particularly through the chest and shoulders.

Most other tailors will tell you the features you get with your bespoke suit. We work with you to ensure you get the features you want. We want your suit to feel the way you want it to feel! So whether you like a coat with a soft, natural shoulder, something more structured, trousers that are slim cut or easy fitting it doesn’t matter.

These tailored suits are great for weddings, whether you are the groom yourself, a groomsman or just a guest. We will go out of our way to ensure that your suit is crafted to your specifications and makes you feel great.

A Milan suit is YOUR suit, designed by us the way you want it.

Two-piece tailored suits start from £1299 so do not hesitate to request an appointment to get your new tailor-made suit made.

custom tailor london
custom suit example
custom suit example