We love our clients ...

Bobby has been providing high quality tailoring services to my office for many years - the results are excellent. On the few occasions there have ever been minor issues to resolve, he does this quickly and efficiently.
Simon Bevan, Partner
Grant Thornton UK LLP
How important is this relationship? Very - because one needs to not just look good but also feel good about what you wear to work and I feel able to simply say to Bobby "I need a new summer / winter suit please" and know that it will look great and fit exactly...!
Richard Hall, Partner
Ernst & Young
I have always found Bobby to provide a consistently good personal service at reasonable prices. He has in-depth knowledge on fabrics which he chooses to suit my requirements and always has a good eye for detail. I would recommend his services.
David Cramer
The suit is fine and I am very happy; more importantly the wife approves!
Matthew Stallabrass, Partner
Crowe Clark Whitehill
Roberto helps me define my personality and demonstrate my values through what I wear. Each time I put on one of my suits or shirts, it’s like wearing the world’s smartest pyjamas – comfortable on the inside and sharp on the outside. In that regard I guess it’s like owning a Aston Martin; I say ‘guess’ because I’d rather spend the money on Roberto’s tailoring services.
Peter Cooper
Vanix LLP
Am loving the new suit btw - I don't think I have ever wanted to wear a suit after I'm done with work for the day, but it's so comfortable I keep leaving it on in the evening!
Nick Huismans
Director - Newton Europe