We love our clients ...

...I really like (my new suit and shirt) – won my first new client in that suit last week!
Chris Coomber, Chartered Financial Planner
Saunderson House
It's a testament to Roberto that I now realise how badly my suits and shirts fitted before he made mine to measure! The quality of the finished article is second to none whilst being very comfortable to wear.
John O'Neill, Partner
Cushman Wakefield
Numerous shirts and three suits later I couldn't be happier. Great service and a huge range of choices. I cannot recommend bespoke clothing highly enough!
Steven Godson
Very well done (on your ShortList Magazine Brit List 2014 Award) – always had you down as rock’n’roll. Good on you.
David Erwin, CEO, Capital Markets Group
Cushman Wakefield
I have tried the suit and both new shirts. They fit great and are wonderfully comfortable! Thank you!
Paul Guest
LaSalle Investment Management, SINGAPORE
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! the suit Bobby, I didn't really get to see it in all its glory in the office. I've had to force myself to take it off! I've had it on for a good 45 -50 mins trying on both shirts and different shoe combo's. The shirts are perfect and feel fantastic!....... Job well done! Im over the moon! I feel and look like I belong in the city....
Jason Davis
Ellis & Co